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Full text of "An exhibition of children's drawings: Worcester Art Museum, April 18-26, 1937."

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Assembled by Leo T. Doherty 




April 18-26, 1937 

IN these days of changing values, of racial, political, and economic 
conflict and unrest, there is probably no more civilizing influence 
for the children of an American community than that of art. Here 
they may learn something of the absolutes of beauty, of balance and 
harmony applicable to their daily lives. The power of individual 
expression is opened before them and they learn at the same time the 
occupational and spiritual compensations offered by standards of 
excellence, standards so perfect in themselves that no demagogue 
will dare deny them. So often one hears the query of the taxpayer 
and the politician, "What use is art anyway?" The answer is 
tragically simple to anyone who reads the daily newspapers. Art has 
become the last refuge of democracy, the only discipline for the minds 
of our rising generation that is free from material prejudices and which 
may help our sons and daughters to place their individual opinions 
above those of the propagandists and the radio. 

For this reason, I believe that no exhibition ever held in these 
galleries will be of deeper or more lasting benefit to the community 
than the present one in which are gathered between five and six 
thousand drawings and designs by the children of the Worcester Public 
Schools, representative of the work being done by thirty-five thousand 
pupils in every classroom of the city. The exhibition is not only a 
witness to the courage of Mr. Walter S. Young and Mr. Leo T. Doherty 
in placing art on such a high level in their curriculum, but it also 
marks the culmination of twenty-five years of constant understanding 
and collaboration between the School Administration and the Museum. 

To the Superintendent of Schools, the Director of Art, the Com- 
mittees on the Exhibition and particularly to the teachers of art in 
Worcester I wish to express the thanks of the Trustees and Staff of 
the Museum for this demonstration of their interest and good will. 

Francis Henry Taylor 


Classical High School 

High School of Commerce 

North High School 

South High School 

Grafton Street Junior High School 

Providence Street Junior High School 

Abbott Street School 

Adams Square School 

Adams Street School 

Andover Street School 

Ash Street School 

Belmont Street School 

Blithewood School 

Bloomingdale School 

Burncoat School 

Cambridge Street School 

Canterbury Street School 

Chandler Street School 

Columbus Park School 

Dartmouth Street School 

Dix Street School 

Downing Street School 

East Kendall Street School 

Edgeworth Street School 

Elizabeth Street School 

Freeland Street School 

Gage Street School 

Gates Lane School 

Grafton Street School 

Granite Street School 

Greendale School 

Harlow Street School 
Heard Street School 
Indian Hill School 
Lake View School 
Lamartine Street School 
Ledge Street School 
Lee Street School 
Lincoln Street School 
Ludlow Street School 
Malvern Road School 
May Street School 
Middlesex Avenue School 
Midland Street School 
Millbury Street School 
Nelson Place School 
Oxford Street School 
Providence Street School 
Ouinsigamond School 
Rice Square School 
Roosevelt School 
Sever Street School 
Tatnuck School 
Thomas Street School 
Thorndyke Road School 
Union Hill School 
Upsala Street School 
Ward Street School 
West Boylston Street School 
Winslow Street School 
Woodland Street School 
New Woodland Street School 


Leo T. Doherty, Chairman 

Alice M. Leonard Lula E. Mills 

Anna D. McAuliffe Mildred A. Raynes 


Alicia W. Gates S. Elizabeth Putnam 

Cecilia Lacerenzo Alida L. Taylor 

Mildred E. Christenson 


Margaret E. Kelleher Ethel M. Smith 

Mildred E. Lusk H. Marjorie Wheeler